More Harassment of Computing Heroes

I almost can’t believe I’m reading this. Superhero outfit LulzSec is being arrested and detained and investigated by everyone from the FBI to Scotland Yard to Interpol. It’s a complete outrage, as all good humanities scholars working in New Media know. LulzSec is only trying to do good for society. Their political program is one any thoughtful person would get behind. Their methods are totally awesome–I completely want my bank, insurance companies, Facebook, and every other website I use to be fully compromised at all times, and like any sane person, I want my credit card and identifying information spread all across the world, especially because someone did something someone at LulzSec didn’t like to somebody else!!! Can you believe the authorities have their “organized crime” units instead of their “harassing do-gooders” units out on this? Fascists!

LulzSec hacker attacks ‘deeply worrying’, says police chief

Britain’s top policeman has described online attacks by the computer hacking group LulzSec as “extraordinarily significant and deeply worrying” following the arrest of an Essex teenager believed to have been a “significant” figure in the escalating cyberwar.

The Metropolitan police commissioner, Sir Paul Stephenson, on Wednesday described the arrest of Ryan Cleary, 19, as “very significant”.

The teenager was arrested at his family home in Wickford, Essex on Tuesday as part of an international attempt to tighten the net around the hacker group LulzSec.

full story: Josh Halliday, “LulzSec hacker attacks ‘deeply worrying’, says police chief,”, 22 June 2001

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