Crawling from the Wreckage

I am slowly in the process of resurrecting my site manually from the database that suffered SQL injection and a number of other unspecified attacks over the past few months.

It is imperfect, but this temporary archive page provides links to the site’s existing content through, as I work on recreating the materials that were here before.

I would say the lesson is to backup your site, but I was in the habit of backing up, and the SQL injection and/or whatever else it was that got in happened quietly enough at first that it looks like the damage was done prior to my knowledge of it, so even the earliest backups are corrupted.

But, you know, code is speech, and therefore can and should be subject to no more oversight or regulation than any other form of speech. Like any other form of speech, code can completely obliterate the words of somebody else’s speech, which is surely what Madison, Locke, Jefferson, and the others had in mind.

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