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We Don’t Know What ‘Personal Data’ Means

Mark Zuckerberg Data

It’s Not Just What We Tell Them. It’s What They Infer. Many of us seem to think that “personal data” is a straightforward concept.  In discussions about Facebook, Cambridge Analytica, GDPR, and the rest of the data-drenched world we live in now, we proceed from the assumption that personal data means something like “data about […]

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Howard Roark 1, Mark Zuckerberg 0

So if he says it will you believe it? i may have asked this question before, rhetorically. (No sign so far of him discussing how this tracks with his own promotion of the Facebook philosophy; see below.) http://www.foxnews.com/scitech/2011/05/03/wikileaks-founder-assange-blasts-facebook-appalling-spying-machine/ WikiLeaks Founder Assange Blasts Facebook as ‘Most Appalling Spying Machine’ “Here we have the world’s most comprehensive […]

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Real Thoughts on WikiLeaks; or, How Howard Roark Became a Hero of the Left

<rant name=”my real thoughts about wikileaks” sentiment=”please don’t hate me” causeofdelay=”trying not to get into flame war” >In recent interviews (e.g., with Time, Forbes, and The New Yorker), Julian Assange demonstrates repeatedly how little he knows about world politics, about the open-source information already available regarding the topics he claims to be “revealing,” or even […]

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