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The Destructiveness of the Digital Humanities (‘Traditional’ Part II)

We don’t want to save the humanities as they are traditionally constituted

In what purport to be responses or rebuttals to critiques I and others have offered of Digital Humanities (DH), my argument is routinely misrepresented in a fundamental way. I am almost always said to oppose the use of digital technology in the humanities. This happens despite the fact that I and those I have worked […]

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Computational Precision, Almost (Rhetoric of Computation #2)

from The New York Times, Feb 9, 2010http://www.nytimes.com/2010/02/10/books/10mason.html?pagewanted=2&emc=eta1 A Calculus of Writing, Applied to a Classic By Larry Rohter Published: February 9, 2010 … In person, Mr. [Zachary] Mason is extremely soft-spoken and tends to talk in a flat, unemotional tone, though he does note with regret that he “turned down Google two weeks before […]

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